Grade 11 Communication Technology (Marks by Student Number)

Week #13

Week at a glance

  • Three weeks to complete your animation and video assignments. They are due before Christmas Holidays!
  • Intro to Television Standards
  • Make sure you are done your flash exercises.
  • Work time for your animation and video assignments

Monday Nov 30

A reminder about storyboards for your anmimation assignment. I will be reviewing your Flash exercises for grading and going over your animation.

Tuesday Dec 1

Today's handout is about TV standards and how they affect our work in video production. As set of questions is completed for hand-in. Here is the question set. You need to get the reading from me.

Wednesday Dec 2

We will look at the setup for Adobe Premiere and the capture standards from our mini-dv camcorders.

Week #12

Week at a glance

  • Finish Animations from Week #11
  • Animation Assignment Intro
  • Storyboards for Animation
  • Work time for Video Assignment

Monday Nov 23

An animation assignment is distributed and a discussion of the expectations for your efforts.


Tuesday Nov 24

Today we discuss Storyboards for your animation assignment. Here is the link if you want to review on your own.

Wednesday Nov 25

We will start the class with a Literacy Task. You will have time to work on your video and animation assignments.

Thurs Nov 26

Work time for animation and video

Fri Nov 27

Another literacy reading task to start the period. Work time for animation assignment. Submit your animation storyboards.


Week #11

Week at a glance

  • More on camera techniques and camera angles.
  • Introduction to Flash Animation
  • Review of video assignments with Mr. Bruce
  • Time to get some footage for your Video Assigments.

Monday Nov 16

We will start by discussing camera angles and a handout is provided. As we proceed with our video work, we will need to share resources so I am going to begin with an introduction to Flash. We can rotate through camera/premier use and use our time effectively. A tutorial for getting started in flash is here. A mark is awarded for completing the tutorial.

  1. Flash Intro Tutorial - This is an assignment to show when you have completed it.

Tuesday Nov 17

Another tutorial on Flash. I will be around to discuss your video assignments and getting footage with a camera. I'll discuss your story boards with each group.

  1. Tweens, Motion Guides and Sounds Show me when you are done.

Wednesday Nov 17

Today's lesson in flash is a simple graphic application. I will go over the development of the flash movie and then you can try it. Here is the tutorial.

  1. Create an Animated Graphic Show me when you are done.

Thursday Nov 18

Use today to finish off your tutorials from the week. I will be talking to groups about their video projects.

Friday Nov 17

PA Day. Have a nice long weekend.

Week #10

Week at a glance

  • Catch up for missed work
  • Completing Hardware
  • Working on Storyboards

Monday Nov 9

I will go over what you are missing for assignments. Some will be finishing hardware, some working on Premiere Elements and others getting a chance to experiment with the camcorder.

Tues Nov 10

More on camera techniques today as we discuss the tripod and its use. Specifically, we'll talk about panning and tilting.

Wednesday Nov 11

Shortened period today because of the assembly.

  1. Complete any outstanding written work.
  2. Complete your project design brief.
  3. Work on your story board
  4. Practice using a camera.
  5. Finish your hardware.

Thursday Nov 12

You must complete a design brief and start a story board to submit before Friday's class. If you have not, I will be assigning you a project. Finish hardware, use a camcorder and exploring Premiere Elements are the other activities.

Friday Nov 13

Watch out for Freddy Kruger! I will be going over your grades today and asking for your design briefs and story boards.

Week #9

Week at a glance

  • Video Production Unit begins
  • Hardware continues for those not completed as yet
  • Intro to Camcorder and tripod usage
  • Learn Premiere Elements

Monday Nov 2

I will handout the outline for your video production assignments so you can set up for your group work. We will discuss the assignment and begin talking about using a camcorder. Some students will begin investigating Adobe Premiere Elements on our video editing suites.

  1. Video Assignment Outline

Tuesday Nov 3

We will discuss camera techniques and the types of shots for composing a video. Work will continue on hardware, learning Premiere Elements and some of you will experiment with the camcorders and capturing your footage to the computer.

Wednesday Nov 4

We will discuss camera angles and and filming scences with a handout provided. You will be given an assignment to view a video and record the types of shots. More hardware, Adobe Premiere and camera practice. Use your time wisely and keep track of your efforts.

  1. Types of Shots Exercise

Thursday Nov 5

We continue discussing camera shots but before we go on we'll review a selection of shot types and related applications of the shot. Hardware, Adobe Premiere, camera usage and your types of shots exercise from yesterday are items for work time. Complete your project proposal.

Friday Nov 6

We will review the purpose of a story board today as you get your project ideas together. Hardware, Premiere, camera usage are work for you today. Review the Camera Shots Quiz from earlier in the unit. The answers are provided.

Week #8

Week at a glance

  • Peek inside a computer
  • Finish TFOX Video
  • Identify Computer Components

Monday Oct 26

Today I will pull apart a computer and go over some of the important components. Finish the TFox video and when you are done you may see what your next assignment will be for you and a partner.

  1. Computer Inventory Sheet and Grading Rubric for hardware

Tues Oct 27

We will complete the sheet given out on parts of the motherboard. Yet more time to finish your TFox video.

  1. Motherboard Labelling

Wed Oct 28

Grade 8s visiting today so no lesson. Make sure you are finished your TFox video fro me to mark. If you are ready, find a partner to do some computer hardware.

Thursday Oct 29

Today we will talk about RAM and ROM and their significance to the operation of a computer. In a video production context, RAM is very important. I have an handout to complete from If you are ready, and there are tool kits, you may begin hardware. I'll start collecting TFox video results.

  1. RAM and ROM note

Friday Oct 30

We finish our formal discussions on hardware today. We will discuss hardware and software including operating systems like Windows.


Week #7

Week at a glance

  • Intro to Windows Movie Maker
  • Terry Fox Video Assignment
  • Introduction to Video Production and Editing
  • Intro to Communication Technology Hardware

Mon Oct 19

Progress reports will be handed out today and you will have time to complete the career cruising assignment given out on Friday. It is due today.

Tues Oct 20

Today we start the next unit as some of you finish the career cruising assignment from last Friday. Some handouts on Intro to Audio/Video Production and Computer Hardware.

Wed Oct 21

Today we look at Windows Movie Maker as an ice breaker for video editing. We will use the photos and motion video segments to create a "Terry Fox Video." Find the files in Students Common in a folder called Bruce TFox.

Thurs Oct 22

We start a video called "Journey Inside the Computer." There is a question sheet to complete while you watch the video. The second part of the class will be to continue your "Terry Fox Run" video from Wednesday.

Friday Oct 23

Time to complete your Terry Fox video in Movie Maker. I will begin viewing your videos next week. I hope to burn them all to DVD to play on the front lobby tv.



Week #6

Week at a glance

  • Careers Written Assignmen
  • People's Choice Awards
  • Web site grading
  • Written Test

Mon Oct 12

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tues Oct 13

Today we will work on a written assignment on careers in graphic and web design. I will start grading web sites and you will have time to look at other sites for the People's Choice Awards. You will have time to work on your HTML Quiz Questions.

  1. Careers Reading Assignment Due End of Wednesday's class.
  2. HTML Quiz Questions. (see last Thursday for link.) Due End of Thursday's class.

Wednesday Oct 14

Finish your careers reading assignment from Tuesday. Type up your hand written answers and then submit both. Spell check your typed version please.

Also, finish your Multiple Choice Questions with your partner. I will look at those during Thursday's class.

Don't forget to vote for People's Choice Awards.

Thursday Oct 15

Three, yes 3, things due today. I need

  1. to have your People's Choice Awards
  2. see you HTML Online Quiz
  3. collect both hand-written and typed Careers work.

Friday Oct 16

The written quiz will be moved to Tuesday so I have time to review with you. I will hand out the Careers in Web Design assignment. Please complete any outstanding work.

  1. Career Cruising Assignment This is due at the end of Monday's class.

Week #5:

Week at a glance:

  • Personal Website Due Wednesday
  • Create a Quiz using forms

Monday Oct 5

Today is a work period for your personal web site assignment.

Tuesday Oct 6

Today is a work period for your personal web site assignment

Wednesday Oct 7

Shortened period because of Terry Fox Auction Assembly. Use the time for working on pers onal web site. Below you will find my marking rubric.

  1. Webpage Marking Rubric

Thursday Oct 8

Today we will begin the process of marking your website. We will start a peer review of your sites. If you are finished, use the sheet below to record your evaluation of your classmates web site.

  1. People's Choice Awards

You will also create an online quiz with a partner. Using the questions you created earlier you will use the page below as source for your quiz. Just change what is necessary. We will worry about how it is scored after you are done.

Friday Oct 9

Time to work on your website evaluations and the online quiz.

Week #4:

Week at a glance:

  • Website plan: Due Tuesday
  • Learning HTML Forms
  • Learning HTML Templates
  • Introduction to Style Sheets
  • Time to work on personal website

Monday Sept 28

Today we will discuss your plan and have time to complete it. Time will be used to work on your site. Your personal website is due Tuesday Oct 6th.

  1. Website Sketch and Plan

Tuesday Sept 29

I am going to walk through an online tutorial today on HTML forms. The link is below if you wish to try it yourself.

  1. Forms Tutorial
  2. Multiple Choice Assignment Due Today

Wednesday Sept 30

We will look at the HTML forms today and talk about what we can do with forms.

  1. An Online Quiz Example using Forms and Java Script
  2. Finish your Mulitple Choice Questions Assignment. Hand it in!

Thursday Oct 1

Time work on your personal website assignment. I will be visiting your station to measure your progress and make a comment. Use your time wisely.

Friday Oct 2

PA Day. Enjoy your long weekend.

Week #3:

Week at a glance:

  • HTML Self Test Due Wed
  • HTML Frames
  • Plan Your Own Website
  • Test #1 Friday

Mon Sept 21

We will begin discussing design elements of a good website. You will be working on a self-test for the first two weeks of learning HTML

  1. HTML Self-Test. Due Wednesday Sept 23

Tues Sept 22

We'll do that note on design elements today. You will need to use your class time wisely on the self-test to have your best effort by the end of class Wednesday.

  1. Principles of Graphic Design

Wed Sept 23

Finish your self-test and begin planning your website.

  1. Website Assignment

Thurs Sept 24

I will finish marking the self-tests and take it up during class. We will discuss the use of frames and look at some examples. Here is the frames handout.

  1. HTML Frames


Friday Sept 25

Time to write your paragraph describing your website. Make sure you have tried to use frames and get help. Paragraph decription is due today.



Week #2:

Mon Sept 14

We will begin looking at HTML today. I will distribute a booklet that will highlight some important knowledge. We will cover more as we progress. Work ahead if you wish.

  1. More Internet Terminology
  2. HTML Intro and Handouts
  3. Getting Started
  4. Text Formatting
  5. Setting Fonts

Tues Sept 15

More terms and more HTML today.

  1. More Internet Terminology
  2. HTML Colours and Backgrounds
  3. HTML Images

Wed Sept 16

More time to work on your learning of HTML. Try to keep pace with the sheets as I post them on the website. Don't leave things out and move ahead if you wish.

  1. More Terminology
  2. HTML Hyperlinking
  3. HTML Lists

Thurs, Sept 17

Use your class time wisely to try all the HTML tags that are shown in my booklets.

  1. Web Page Terms
  2. HTML Tables

Friday, Sept 18

This class may be used to catch-up or review the weeks efforts. We define Blog and Wiki today and discuss why they may not be appropriate for a school website.

Week #1:

Tues Sept 08

Today is a course introduction and some get to know you exercises.

  1. Review of Course Outline
  2. My.........Personal Inventory
  3. Communication Technology Skills Inventory

Wed Sept 9

Network and Computer usage concerns are covered. Then we will discuss evaluating other websites. What does it mean to have a good website?

  1. Netiquette and School Computer Usage
  2. Website Evaluation Guide
  3. Web Searching Strategies Due Friday for presenting to class.
  4. Distribute Network Passwords

Thurs Sept 10

Today we will look at some terminology related to the Internet. We will have time to investigate a web site that you have searched to find. The assignment is from item 3 on Wednesday.

  1. Finish Network Passwords
  2. Start Glossary of Web Terms
  3. Web Search Assignment (see item 3 from Wed)

Friday Sept 11

Today you will share the web site that you have found of interest to you. You'll use the Smart Board at the front to show the class.

  1. Record 5 sites from your colleagues that are of interest. Hand this in at the end.
  2. More Web Terms. See item 2 from Thursday for handout.

Unit #14:

Unit 15: